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How to take part

Application form here -


For most riders we have to state from the start that this is NOT a horse show. We arrive super early on 1st January to Piccadilly where we get ready for the day ahead. We warn all our riders that the crowds are huge with about half a million people lining the route of 2.2miles through iconic streets of London.

This is definitely not something for the faint-hearted and must have good, competent riding skills, with a support person on hand, be prepared to look fantastic and wave for the crowds that have gathered to see you.

If you are still interested please send me an email asap with your details, horse details, and suggested costume. Places are likely to be filled this week so don’t delay.


PLEASE POP OVER details of you & your horse/pony
its not for the faint hearted over 5 miles of walking - waving - high fiving the crowd
long day - but its a wow wow event
it makes your heart flutter, tummy churn - at the end of it will always hear i want to do it again
- it went that quick.
we have our own little village every one works as a team, even though thay may have never met
your friends for life !