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Dick Turpin & Highwaymen of Rotten Row

Dick Turpin and The Highwaymen of Rotten Row


Photo: Glenn Bryant

Reyezuelo IV or Raymond to his friends is a black 5yo Spanish PRE gelding. Ridden by Louise Steel, he is only young but is enjoying learning dressage.


Photo Jp Monck

Zefyr Terplinggaard is a pure bred Friesian gelding. He enjoys hacking and schooling with his owner and rider, Trischa who bought him from the Netherlands, although Zefyr was actually bred in Denmark!


Photo: Jo Monck

Zeus is a grey Lusitano gelding, typical of the more modern stamp of Lusitano. Owned by Ed Hannaford, Ed is hoping that Zeus will enjoy the London New Year's Day Parade due to his quiet and generous temperament.


Photo: Jo Monck

Salti-Banco is a grey Lusitano stallion, typical of the old fashioned Lusitano bred for bullfighting. His rider Chris Hannaford has been working with him for nine years.

Photo: Jo Monck


Atinado is the only black pure bred Lusitano stallion in the UK. Ridden by Zoe Paramore, he is a real allrounder enjoying side saddle, dressage, showjumping and garrocha work.