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King Arthur


King Arthur

The legend of King Arthur is an enduring story, filled with magic and mystery, pageant and sparkle. Our group will endeavour to bring that spectacle and magic to the streets of London with Merlin and Sir Lancelot, Lady Guinevere and of course King Arthur himself. With a traditional cob, a warmblood and two Norwegian Fjords, we're certain we can bring a majestic presence to the 2016 Parade .


Photo: Glenn Bryant 2016


Photo: Glenn Bryant

Tonka ridden by Lucie Evans (team leader)
This will be the third Parade appearance for gypsy cob Tonka, and he's rather looking forward to strutting his stuff through the streets of London again. Tonka is a 12 year old, homebred gelding, and he's my best friend and a total superstar. In previous parades he's allowed me to PAINT him to embrace the psychedelic 60s and then he put up with my big ears and trunk as we represented Elephant and Castle tube station in 2015! He's a very tolerant soul and absolutely loves a crowd. He can normally be found exploring the countryside of the New Forest and giving the warmbloods a run for their money in the dressage arena. For a heavy chap, he's remarkably light on his feet. This year we will be taking the role of King Arthur, leading our group of Knights and Ladies of Arthurian Legend. We're hoping to bring a little medieval magic to London with just a sprinkling of sparkle and bling!


The photo by Glen Bryant that hit the headlines.

Peter Williams Riding Vietta.
Vietta is Jornvic’s stablemate, she has lived with us for the past 11 years and is also a Norwegian Fjord Horse, she is more of the draft strain of the breed with a deep broad chest.
Vietta also enjoys hacking and competes in-hand up to county level, she is very easy going and loves to meet people .
We are pleased to be part of the King Arthur Group this year, it will also be our third year taking part in the Parade. Last year we represented the modern day Tower of London housing the Crown Jewels and the poignant display of poppies.


Eleanor Williams riding Norwegian Fjord Horse Jornvic (aka Lykkesholms Granit)
We are looking forward to being part of this year’s King Arthur Group.
This will be our third year as part of the All the Queens Horses Parade, last year I was part of the Tower of London team dressed as a Beefeater and representing the early life of the Tower when it was the Royal Mint.
Jornvic is 16 years old and has lived with us for 4 year’s . He loves to hack out, and competes in local and county shows in hand with Peter. This year Jornvic has been placed well at all the shows he entered and is this year’s Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show’s Foreign Breeds Champion.


Lauren Newland riding Lion56 (Kahn)

I have owned “Kahn” for 7 years now, he is an 18-year-old Holsteiner who was bred in Germany and brought to the UK as an 8 year old. We have done a bit of everything, but favour the show jumping arena and have been successful at a few puissance classes over the years, however, this will be our first year taking part in the All the Queens Horses Parade and we are very much looking forward to it!