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Peter Pan


Peter Pan


Photo: Glenn Bryant

This year our team of 4 Spanish Horses and their riders and helpers will be sparkling and dancing through the Streets of London as the cast of Peter Pan! With this year's Parade theme of 'Magic and Sparkles', we have gone all out to bring as much sparkle and shine as we can to the day.
The mounted riders will be dressed as Peter, Wendy, Captain Hook and Tinkerbelle.
The horses will have as much bling, colour and magic as we can muster, from Lady Captain Hook's colourfully adorned Spanish Horse Marfull, through Tinkerbelle's immaculately plaited Inky, Wendy's beautiful soft and pretty Emperador, to Peter Pan and his fantastically sparkly camouflaged Red stallion Reducto.
The team have worked hard to make the horses super sparkly! We hope you will enjoy seeing them. Please stop and talk to Julie, Sarah, Natalia and Pete as we pass you, the horses love the attention and all of our dressed helpers own horses and would love to tell you about them.
We hope you will enjoy seeing and meeting us.


Photo: Glen Bryant


Reducto W ridden by Pete Saunders as 'Peter Pan'
is a 5 year old, Chestnut graded Spanish PRE stallion owned by the Illixa PRE stud from Canterbury in Kent.
He was imported from Spain as a 3 year old, and has settled well into UK life as a breeding and competition stallion.
He was National 4 year Champion Stallion, and 4 year old Dressage Champion at the 2014 Spanish Breed Show.
This year he competed at a number county shows with great success. After focussing mainly on showing this year, Red is preparing for his dressage debut. He also loves to jump, and is generally a great allrounder.
Red is the rarer PRE colour of Chestnut, which makes him one of the most distinctive young stallions in England, this is his first time in the Parade and he will be ridden and accompanied this year by his owners. Pete Saunders will be playing the part of Peter Pan and Red should be looking rather fantastic on the day... We just hope Pete doesn't get cold!


Photo: Kate Rust

Emperador ridden by Natalia Drobysevsskij as 'Wendy'
Emperador (Empie to his friends) is a 10 year old PRE gelding who will travel down from Hertfordshire for the parade. This is his second year in the parade and last year he was with many of the other Iberian horses in the Iberian team.
This year he will be carrying his dressage trainer Natalia dressed as Wendy and accompanied on the ground by his owners.
Empie was born in Toledo - Spain and was brought to the UK when he was 5 years old.
He's very versatile in his pursuits, he competes in dressage and showing, and in Spain he was in a carriage driving team of two near identical Spanish horses, however his favourite hobby is eating.
He is owned by Rosa Wood and her Husband Dave Pryce who dote on him and say "he always brings a smile into our lives"


Inclan Cen ridden by Sarah Handscomb as 'Tinkerbelle'
Inclan Cen (known as Inky) Sarah Handscome has owned Inky for 2 years, he is a pure bred Spanish PRE horse (Pura Raza Espaniol - also known as an Andalusian)
Inky has a very varied past and he's as versatile as the other team horses. Before his move to Somerset he had an exciting life as part of a stunt riding team and as part of a circus act! These days he now enjoys lots of hacking around the lanes and fun long distant rides, show jumping and riding club camps and Sarah adores him. During this years parade he will be the conveyance of the magical fairy Tinkerbelle.


Photo: Glenn Bryant


Marfull ridden by Julie Chuter-Nicholas as 'Captain Hook' Marfull is a near black 7 year old Spanish horse (PRE) and this is his second year in the Parade. Last year he was one of the War Horses.
This year he and his owner Julie Nicholas will be playing the part of Captain Hook! They will be travelling from Somerset. Marfull was born in Spain (and is named after a Spanish flower) but has been in England since he was a yearling, he is probably the cheekiest horse on the team, and will be easily distinguishable as he will be wearing red highlights in his mane! Marfull competes in many disciplines, he has a great love of jumping and anything that allows him to stretch his long legs. He is a much adored family member.

Actors on foot
Rosa Wood -Nana
Dave Pryce - Smee
Julie Lee - John
Kate Rust - tbc
Samantha Haynes - tbc
Dom Coutts - Pirate